I am... A beautiful soul who is here to learn, teach and love. A wife and a mumma.

I love... My family, exercise, horses, practicing gratitude and positive affirmations.

In a past life I have been... An Army Chef, a swimming instructor for babies, a netball coach, a personal trainer...

I believe... Beauty is all around... Slow and steady wins the race... Make the most of it... It's ok to be yourself... Sometimes you never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory... Think happy, be happy... Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations... Something fantastic will happen to me today.

My photography is... Real and honest, Creative and fun, Raw and kind.

Books I have written... Finding Gratitude ~ rise up warrior & Horse Whispers "seek wisdom within"

My new adventures... Homeschooling mumma to my littlest two, diving into my energy work and discovering what that means for me and where it will take me, manifesting abundance, happiness and joy, and continuing to dive into healing my life to release old ties and patterns that no longer serve me. I could go on!

I love to create a story, capture the essence, show your connection, bring out confidence and celebrate you.

If you feel you wish to connect in some way, feel free to reach out.

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