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[me] How did you enjoy your photoshoot?
[Emily] I loved it, it was fun doing it with my cousin and seeing the different techniques you used.

[me] What do you love to do in your spare time?
[Emily] Aerobics, Trampolining, and coaching kids.

[me] What makes you laugh?
[Emily] Little kids and my friends, oh and my maniac cat.

[me] Do you believe in soul mates?
[Emily] Yes I do, I have a soul mate, my best friend Danielle.

[me] What motivates you?
[Emily] Participating and coaching sport

[me] Do you have a role model?
[Emily] Yes my big brother Jack

[me] What qualities do you admire in other people?
[Emily] People that always try their best and strive to be the best they can, people that are helpful.

[me] Describe your ultimate adventure?
[Emily] To travel around Europe, and to skydive.

[me] What is something you wish you knew more of?
[Emily] Maths, because I'm terrible at it!

[me] What would you want to be famous for?
[Emily] An Olympic Athlete



[me] How did you enjoy your photoshoot?
[Morgan] It was fun especially with Emily

[me] What do you love to do in your spare time?
[Morgan] I love to listen to music and hang out with friends.

[me] What makes you laugh?
[Morgan] My friends, my family and my puppy

[me] Do you believe in soul mates?
[Morgan] Yes, I do

[me] What motivates you?
[Morgan] My family and friends

[me] Do you have a role model?
[Morgan] My dad is my role model

[me] What qualities do you admire in other people?
[Morgan] Strength, resilience and honesty

[me] Describe your ultimate adventure?
[Morgan] My ultimate adventure would be going on a tropical holiday with a few of my closest friends!

[me] What is something you wish you knew more of?
[Morgan] I wish I knew more about the entertainment industry because I want a career in it when I’m older.

[me] What would you want to be famous for?
[Morgan] Either singing, acting, or directing movies.


Emily and Morgan are cousins and enjoyed their teen portrait experience together! It was so much fun, both girls had a blast and loved their images!



So I had this idea in my head, I wanted to showcase six 16 year old young ladies [or around 16]

Pamper them... Photograph them... Interview them... 

To showcase the everyday modern teen and how beautiful they are, how down to earth they are, how real they are.

I had been reading a lot of negative comments around teenagers latey and getting really sick of it. I have 2 new teenagers of my own now, just turned 13 and all I was hearing is "on no, poor you" and I thought that was really sad.

I know it is not all a bed of roses, I know there are ups and downs, but these Teenagers in our lives are human beings, that we created, we have moulded them into the person they are today... I'm not sure about you, but I am so proud of the little people I have created and moulded. If they are a reflection of me, then I have done a bloody fantastic job.

On a FB post of photos I shared recently someone sumed it up perfectly with these words:

"Teenagers often get a bad rep, but you showcase them for the beautiful human beings that they are"

These words brought me to tears, because that is exactly the result that I want to achive.

So after all of this - 6TEEN was born!


When I met Dana, she was alot younger! I was the photographer at her Mum and step fathers wedding, so I was really excited to see them all again and take Dana's portraits for this project!


[Me] What do you do when you are feeling board?
[Dana] I like to play my guitar, write my own songs and my own stories

[Me] Who is your favourite band or solo artist?
[Dana] Harvey Cantwell and 5 seconds of summer

[Me] Who is your hero and why?
[Dana] Joe Sugg is my hero/role model because his main aim in life to to make people happy and thats what i really want to do, I want to make people smile.

[Me] How do you handle stress?
[Dana] I have a nice cold shower

[Me] What do you dream about?
[Dana] I would like go to Victoria University in Wellington to get my bachelors in law and become a layer and hopefully learn the things that I wish to learn e.g speak Spanish and play piano.

[Me] What do you wish you knew how to do that you can't right now?
[Dana] Play piano or speak Spanish

[Me] What is something you have done that you are proud of?
[Dana] Got excellence endorsed in P.E

[Me] How did you start playing the guitar?
[Dana] My dad and my step brother did a bit of guitar when i was 10 and I wanted to learn too so I taught myself using tutorials on the internet.

[Me] What sort of music do you like to play?
[Dana] Pop.

[Me] What would be your perfect day?
[Dana] Going mini golfing with my family and then go to a Breakers game and sit court side and then after the game i'd meet all the players.







Caeley was super keen to have a Teen Portrait session with me, she asked her mum if she could be part of project 6TEEN. Caeley is such a sweetheart, very gentle and kind hearted young lady. I enjoyed photographing her around her families farm!


[Me] What did you think of your Teen Photoshoot?
[Caeley]I loved it. It was a lot of fun.

[Me] What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?
[Caeley] This photo shoot as my mum never told me she had booked. We had talked about it but she said I didn’t deserve to do it unless I was going to do my jobs. I was so surprised but should have expected it from her. She is such a great person.

[Me] Who inspires you?
[Caeley] Definitely my mum. She is so kind and does so much for me. She is always there for me when I need her and I love her so much and she is so kind to others.

[Me] What do you like to do in your free time?
[Caeley] I like to read and write and watch movies and sing.

[Me] Describe your personality in 3 words.
[Caeley] Bubbly happy kind

[Me] Do you have a motto or mantra for how you look at life?
[Caeley] Philipians 4:6-7
Do not be anxious about anything but in every situation through prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.

[Me] What are your strengths?
[Caeley] Art, graphics, hockey and singing

[Me] What do you want to do when you finish school?
[Caeley] Not sure maybe spacial design.

[Me] If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

[Caeley] A dove, they are graceful and peaceful and so free.

[Me] What was the last book you read?
[Caeley] Karen Kingsbury
Longing from the Bailey Flanigan series.







I was priviledged to meet this amazing young lady! Caitlin is so wise beyond her years, a beautiful old soul that is destined to make positive changes in this world.


[Me] What makes you laugh?
[Caitlin] My friends, spending time with my friends and listening to all they're silly jokes and having random conversations about the stupidest things, little inside jokes that can be exchanged with a glance, sarcastic and ironic comments, funny little anecdotes, my siblings and all the silly things we do. Oh and memes. 

[Me] What do you want to do when you finish school?
[Caitlin] I want to be a large animal vet, so I want to study at Massey university to do that, and I want to travel, especially around third world countries.

[Me] What motivates you?
[Caitlin] I want to make the most of the opportunities I have been given, I know I am very privileged and I want to make the most of what I have been given and make the people, especially my parents who have worked for me to have these opportunities proud.

[Me] How would you describe your personality?
[Caitlin] Ummmmm, I would say that I’m confident and quite sure of myself most the time especially around things that I know, and people I know. I am also philosophical and like to think really deeply about things, although I do like to have a good laugh about silly things on occasion. I am loyal and compassionate to my friends, and I would do a lot for them. I’m very passionate, the things I care about I care about deeply. I do have a very quick temper though and get mad quite easily, especially when im stressed or tired, which - being a student - is quite a bit.

[Me] What do you think you should be taught more of at school?
[Caitlin] I think that things like mental health awareness, sex and sexuality education and about healthy/unhealthy relationships, as well as more practical skills like money management. Mental health is such a huge issue for today's society and teens are one of the most affected groups, it will affect everyone at some stage in their life and should be talked about, the more it is talked about and the more people learn about it the more likely it is that mental health will be something that people are comfortable talking about and this should help remove the mental health stigma because mental health is just as important as physical health, your brain is an organ just like all others and should be looked after, and teaching kids about it will help the to know when to and how they can seek help for their mental health. Sex education is so important, in this new age sex is an important topic and safe sex and consensual sex are important topics to teach about in high schools especially. There is more than just one or even two sexualities and I think that it would be really beneficial for students to learn about this so that they an be more comfortable n finding this aspect of who they are and how they fit and how its okay to feel differently to what is viewed as the norm and help students feel accepted for who they are an help future generation as their parents are more likely to be accepting of them. People who are new to relationships won’t know how to tell whether it is healthy or not and I think that it is important for people to know tis so they can leave unhealthy and/or abusive relationships earlier. So many people leave school not knowing how to pay taxes or manage a budget and these are essential life skills that everyone will need and should be taught.

[Me] What do you think makes a good friend?
[Caitlin] “In the end there doesn't have to be someone who understands you there just has to be someone who wants to” This is one of my favourite quotes, I think there is a lot of things that make a good friend and often they understand you better than you understand yourself, but they might not understand you and that’s alright because they want to, they want to understand every little thing about you and that's important. Friends have to be loyal, and support you through your hard times, there for you when they could be anywhere else. Friends should be someone who you can laugh with over stupid things in the middle of the night, go on adventures or sit at home and nap or chill in comfortable silence. But friends will also cry with you, in your darkest times they will lead you back to the light and if they can't they will sit in the dark with you. But it's also really important that whatever your friends are willing to do for you you are also willing to do for them. True friends will always love you, the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you, because that's what friends are supposed to do, they should be like family that you chose for yourself.

[Me] If you could have a superpower what would it be?
[Caitlin] Healing, I would want to heal people because there is too much unnecessary pain in this world.

[Me] What are three things you have learnt today?
[Caitlin] What cluster sampling is, (a method of sampling a population in stats)
That bio is really difficult, and procrastinating isn’t smart (i knew procrastinating wasn’t smart it's just really been reiterated)
That Matariki means eyes of a god and it is called that because when Ranginui and Papat??nuku were separated.







Emily is such a gorgeous young lady with a kind, gentle heart. I enjoyed photographing her at her family home, watching Emily go from a little shy at the start to really radiating her inner beauty was a delight to witness.


[Me] What makes you most excited? 
[Emily] Summer holidays - beach, sun, friends, card games.

[Me] What are the qualities you look for in a friend? 
[Emily] Someone who is kind and funny.

[Me] What is your favourite sport? 
[Emily] My favourite sport to play is football. My favourite sport to watch is the NBA.

[Me] What do you want to do with you finish school? 
[Emily] No idea 

[Me] What do you do when you are feeling bored? 
[Emily] Listen to music

[Me]Who is your favourite band or solo artist? 
[Emily] I can’t pick one I love all sorts of music and listen to it all the time.

[Me] What choices have taught you the biggest lessons? [Emily] That you can overcome problems with determination and the support of others. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.

[Me] What motivates you the most? 
[Emily] Making my family proud 

[Me] If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why? 
[Emily] A hyena - I have a similar laugh!

[Me] What are your strengths? 
[Emily] I’m a loyal friend. I work hard. I care about others.







Anna has such a positive happy and bubbly personalty, her smile is worth a million dollars and she is one of those people who lights up the world just by being in it.


[Me] What did you think of your photoshoot?
[Anna] It was amazing! I absolutely loved it. Such an amazing experience.

[Me] Who is the funniest person you know and why?
[Anna] I think my Aunty Rebecca is the funniest person I know because we are always having a laugh together. She's a lovely bright bubble of happiness and I absolutely love her. 

[Me] How would you describe your own personality in 3 words?
[Anna] Well this is a tough question but I would like to think that I am a bubbly, kind and thoughtful person.

[Me] What do you think should be taught more at school?
[Anna] I think that mental health awareness should be taught more at Schools. This is because of a lot of teens deal with anxiety and depression alone, so educating teenagers with the skills to help themselves or help their friends would be amazing. 

[Me] What's your favourite family recipe?
[Anna] All family recipes are good, my mum and nana make such good meals. I absolutely adore mums carrot cake. 

[Me] What choices have taught you the biggest lessons?
[Anna] the biggest lesson I've learnt is that not everybody is a nice person. I used to think everyone is nice but I soon realised that I was so horribly wrong. 

[Me] What motivates you the most?
[Anna] Success is my biggest motivation 

[Me] Would you want to be famous?
[Anna] I wouldn't want to be famous. This is because I like to fly under the radar and keep out of sight. 

[Me] What do you want to do when you finish school?
[Anna] I want to go to University and train to be a physiotherapist. I would like to attend AUT to complete this dream.

[Me] What would be your perfect day
[Anna] Everyday can be perfect, the day is what you make of it.







I first met Sophie a few years ago taking her family photos, so I was happy to hear that her Mum wanted her to take part in project 6TEEN. Sophie such a stunning young lady, gorgeous both inside and out.


[Me] How did you enjoy your photoshoot?
[Sophie] I really enjoyed the photoshoot. It was a new experience for me.

[Me]What was your last gift to someone?
[Sophie]The last gift I gave was a can of spaghetti for my little 3 year old cousin, who has just decided that spaghetti is his favourite food.

[Me] What inspires you?
[Sophie] My dreams and aspirations for the future inspire me.

[Me] What is your favourite colour and why?
[Sophie] My favourite colour is mint, it is so pretty.

[Me] What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
[Sophie] I enjoy playing and umpiring netball, swimming and spending time with friends and family.

[Me] Do you have a favourite movie or TV series?
[Sophie] Spiderman - Homecoming, Tangled and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

[Me] What makes you most excited?
[Sophie] Weekends and food.

[Me] What are the qualities you look for in a friend?
[Sophie] Having a good sense of humour, being loyal, trustworthy and fun.

[Me] What are you most proud of?
[Sophie] My achievements, academically and sporting especially after having a knee operation and being off all activities for 1 year after surgery.

[Me] Is there anything you would like to learn that you don't already know?
[Sophie] I would like to learn more about science and learn more about different countries and cultures.






Thank you to all of the amazing girls that took part in this, I had fun meeting you all and taking your photos! I hope that you enjoyed this project and cherish your photos for years to come.

If anyone would like to book in for Teen Portraits, feel free to contact me to make a booking!



Thank you to those that took the time to nominate a tween or teen for my "Mega Teen Comp" I had such an awesome line up of prizes from small businesses all over NZ. 

A big congrats to Jordyn Hay who was nominated by her mum, Jordyn was pretty happy with her prize! and I really look forward to her photoshoot next year!

Here is preview of the amazing prize pack that Jordyn won!


A Forever Young Teen Portrait session with me for Jordyn AND her friend! 

PLUS I will gift them an individual portrait each and a portrait together for each of them.

Claire Colhurst Make Up has kindly offered to do the hair and make up on Jordyn and her friend for the photoshoot!

Thank you Claire!!! Claire does and amazing job at hair and make up, so the girls are in good hands!

Art Locket NZ

Art Locker NZ gifted not one but 2 beautiful ceramic wall art - Check out Art Locker for some awesome christmas present ideas!

I was totally blown away by this gift and it was so last minute I was amazied that I managed to get it!

Thank yo so much to Flox for sending me something at such short notice!

Flox sent me a stunning piece of Art for the prize winner! You must check out her website and check out all her amazing art work!

Thank you Flox!!!

Go Native

Go Native sent me this DIY lip balm set - I have recently tried some of Go Native DIY goodies and they are simply devine! Totally recommend getting into the DIY kits for Christmas gifts this year!

Thank you Go Native!!!

Hoppipola Imagery does some amazing work... check out the before image that I took and how she re-created the photo!

Charm from Hoppipola has gifted a fantasy composite to the prize winner!

Thank you Charm 



Abby from Inkee Finkee is a master on the sewing machine!!! She has so many cool things that she makes! 

She has gifted the winner and her friend a custom designed outfit to wear for their photoshoot!

Thank you so much Abby! This is an amazing prize! 

Positive Affirmation Buntings! 

This is a little project I made - Initially with my own kids in mind, I wanted to have these hanging in their rooms... so I made a few extra sets and they have been a hit with everyone! 

I gifted 2 sets to the prize winner!

Raor Fitness and Beauty  gave the prize winner a 5 click concession card for their fitness classes! I have started going here myself and I am loving it!!! Such a good fun workout for the day!

Go check them out now and get yourself signed up!

Thanks Trish and Glenise!!! 

Karla from Enrich works with beautiful Dottera oils! She makes amazing body butters and other goodies! She gifted x 2 iTovi scans and a personilised body butter!

Go check out her page and see what goodies you can find for christmas!

Thank you so much Karla!

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We skipped July for a mid year holiday and Korie was the cover boy for August...


Miss Katie was Septembers cover girl!

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Another mini holiday and no October blogazine! So Olivia was the cover girl for November! A little bit of a layout change in here too as I find a new look for Forever Young blogazine that I like...

This month a talked to a former Miss New Zealand... a good read for all of you that want to get into modeling.


Thanks to all the wonderful tweens and teens I have had the pleasure of photographing this year! It was so lovely to meet you all and you all have inspired me along the way learning about you a little more in our little interviews! I hope that as well as having some beautiful photos of your self you have taken a lot more away from the experience!

To all the tweens and teens I am yet to photograph... I look forward to meeting you and taking your portraits... I look forward to playing a part in helping you boost your self esteem and confidence... making you feel amazing and taking the best portrait of you ever! I look forward to creating a memory like no other and giving you something that you and your family will treasure forever... I look forward to giving you something that will only become more and more valuable as time goes on... I look forward to showing you your inner beauty, your ability to shine and showing you how the world sees you...

Forever Your Teen Portraits


Thank you for reading! I hope that something in this years blogazine has helped someone along the way... 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

Be safe, be happy, take care of one another and take care of yourself, laugh multiple times every day, smile at everyone you see this Christmas... and welcome the new year in in the same manner xxx

Stacey xxx



Meet Olivia... Our feature photoshoot this month. I was in Kaitaia recently for an extended school holidays so I thought what a great opportunity to find a beautiful young lady there to photograph! Olivia is kind, beautiful and down to earth - it was lovely to be around you Olivia and take your photos.

Here is our little, fun interview...

[Me] What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

[Olivia] In 5 Years I would like to find myself in the New Zealand Royal Navy, or studying at the School of Tourism in hope to find an amazing career that will send me all over the world!

[Me] What do you like to do in your free time?

[Olivia] In my free time, I usually like to spend time with my friends and family, walking and swimming at the beach, as well as binge watching tv shows.

[Me] What is your definition of success?

[Olivia] Success to me is that tingle of excitement that runs through your fingers when you’ve accomplished a goal. Success is an amazing achievement and is something everyone should strive for.

[Me] Who is your hero and why?

[Olivia] My hero is definitely my Mum. She is the most hardworking woman I know and is always busy doing things for the community, her business and for our family. She’s absolutely amazing! She’s the only woman I know that can handle working 3 jobs at one time!

[Me] This month on the Blogazine we are talking a little on Self-Esteem, what is something that helps you boost your self esteem?

[Olivia] A way I boost my self esteem is quite literally spending time with my friends and working out at the gym. There’s no better feeling of sensation after having a good workout. It makes me feel a lot happier.

[Me] If you were a crayon, what colour would you be and why?

[Olivia] Hahaha I would be a blue crayon. Blue reminds me of the sea, and it is my favourite color!

[Me] What do you like to read?

[Olivia] I’m not one to read, but when I do I enjoy reading dramas and romance.

[Me] What makes you laugh?

[Olivia] Extremely bad jokes, they always give me non-stop giggles!

[Me] What is something you have achieved in your life that you are most proud of?

[Olivia] Randomly, the one thing that I am most proud of in my life so far was when I had the chance to shoot my first deer with my Dad. That has to be one of my favourite and most memorable achievements to date.

A little selection of photos from Olivia's photoshoot...

Location: Lake Ngatu




Would you like to know more about a Teen Photoshoot? Click here...



[photo supplied]

We seam to have a little Kaitaia theme going on this month...

Some of the girls I have photographed have showen an intereset in modeling - so I thought it was fitting to talk to Cody Yerkovich - Kaitaia's very own Miss New Zealand. 

Cody comes from Waiharara, a little township 30 minutes north of Kaitaia. She is of Maori, German and Croatian heritage and she won the 2010 Miss New Zealand title.

I have the pleasure of calling this beautiful lady my friend... and I was lucky enough to ask her a few interesting questions about her journey...

[Me] What is your modelling storey?

[Cody] I won model of the North in 2005 after my Nana encouraged me to do. Being the shy young kid I was I did not want to, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me how to be confident in stage speaking and in social situations.

[Me] What are the highlights of your modelling career?

[Cody] A highlight of my modeling career would be being miss NZ and going to Miss world as well as walking in a Victoria Secret and Ellen McPherson fashion show in Asia.

[Me] What was your biggest challenge?

[Cody] My biggest challenge would be dealing with people in the industry who are not always the kindest people, learning to stay grounded and always remember who I am where I have come from and where I am going. To not get caught up in beauty and physical looks but to always focus on what's within. This comes first and foremost or you will never find happiness in what you do.

[Me] What made you enter Miss Far North?

[Cody] My Nana who told me I should do it and enter. After much convincing I did.

[Me] Who is your biggest supporter?

[Cody] I'm lucky. I don't have one. My mother, father grandparents, cousins, friends have been amazing support in my life. There isn't just one!

[Me] What are you doing now and how did you get into it?

[Cody] I am a life coach specializing in relationship and personal development. I work with mostly women growing their confidence, inner development helping women feel how the want to feel and achieve their goals in relationships and life. I also run an online store, as well as working as a real estate agent, full time mummy and fiance!

[Me] Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

[Cody] I see myself with an independent life coach business where I hope to start growing my team and employing people world wide. Travelling. Happy. And in a position where I can help empower women in need of growth and change around the world.

[Me] What advise would you give to anyone wanting to get into modelling?

[Cody] Always remember who you are. It helps to be tall and slender, with a beautiful face. Sure. But none of this matters unless you have a heart of gold, are true to who you are within and live life in a way that creates change and kindess in the lives around you. This is key to succeeding in not only modeling but all areas of life. Be you. Don't forget who you are and where you are going. Don't ever let looks define you. If you believe you can, you will just as if you believe you can't you won't. Mindset and positivity is everything.




"Nobody cares if you can't dance well.  Just get up and dance.  Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion." - Martha Graham


I think sometimes dance becomes something for "other people."Just Dance" exists to create an accessible and inclusive environment in which to explore the medium and all it has to offer.  First and foremost it needs to be fun.  Learning to love movement and to feel confident and passionate about dance are, I believe are the most important first steps - no matter where your dance journey is headed.  Whether you plan to make it your life pursuit or simply take from it the amazing life lessons in self confidence, expression, discipline, and the physical benefits of increased body awareness, strength and flexibility, it must first be a happy place!
We have a fantastic team of passionate instructors at "Just Thrive" with a varied skill set and a true love of dance.  As well as classes in contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop fusion, we use tools like pilates and yoga to ensure students develop a great relationship with their bodies.
I love to watch the positive impact dance can have on the mind, body and soul, and take enormous pride in the role of my team and myself in providing a nurturing environment to achieve this!
Carla x
For more information on "Just Dance" please visit their website 




How do you define self esteem?

Well according to Auntie google this is it:

The "self" part is self-explanatory, referring to you, yourself. So think of self-esteem as how you value yourself. If you think everything you do is wonderful and deserves praise, you have no self-esteem problems, but if you feel like you are not worthy of good things, you may have low self-esteem.

I guess self esteem can look different for everyone... and there is no one person in either category all the time [this person has low self esteem and that person has high self esteem] as we all have our moments of ups and downs. Everyone has times where they feel amazing and everyone has moments where they feel stink. I know from experience, and it can be so challenging at times.

There is no rule that says we have to be happy all of the time, because lets face it, being sad or feeling bad is just a part of life – its about what we do in those times of less than worthy situations that makes the difference.

One of the famous laws of the universe is called the law of dis-placement – this law states that no two objects can occupy the same space at any one time – so with that in mind, when you fill your mind with low self esteem thoughts, how can high self esteem thoughts fill that space at the same time? The key here is to find a way to move those bad thoughts away to replace them with better ones.

In my opinion the first step in helping to boost your self esteem is starting to recognize what makes you feel good about yourself, and what makes you feel bad about yourself – then taking it from there and finding tools that help you overcome the bad times.

So have a think – what does low self esteem look like to you? What makes you feel down? What makes you feel that you are not good enough? Then on the other hand, what does high self esteem look like to you? What makes you feel good about yourself, what lifts your happy?

A good place to start is with a pen and paper and write them down.

6 tips for improving self esteem

Positive self talk...

Talk nice to yourself, our words are very powerful, our minds absorb a lot more then we realize, so when we are constantly telling ourselves we are good enough, we will start to believe it more and more. Daily gratitude and positive affirmations can help a great deal here... there is a saying that goes “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”

Healthy eating and movement...

Food has a lot to answer for when it comes to our bodies and how we feel, and its so hard as there is such a wide range of food out there that is not good for our bodies or mind, but it is everywhere and all our friends are having it so we want it too!

Take an energy drink for example – it may give you a caffeine hit and a spike of energy, but you will feel that energy die down quicker then it went up! Then you feel as if you need another... and it goes on and on – that is what the are designed to do.

My advise here is to start to think of our bodies like a fine tuned machine. If we put the right fuel into it, we get the best results from it. If we put the bad stuff into it, thats were we start having problems. We only have one body – lets look after it.

Start to recognize how certain types of food makes us feel – healthy body = happy mind.

Don't compare yourself to others...

We are all different and we are all amazing in our own right... something your friend is great at, you might not be, and visa versa – thats the beauty of it! If we were all the same life would be boring! So embrace your individuality.

Do things that make you happy...

When you are doing something you enjoy, you will naturally be happy! I know, sometimes there are things we need to do that we might not enjoy so much – thats called life! But make sure that you schedule some time to do something that makes you happy!

Focus on whats in your control...

So many things in life are beyond our control, and there is not a lot we can do about it. Think about things that are in your power to control and see what you can do about those.

Be around happy people...

Surround yourself with people that make you happy! Choose friends that make you feel good about yourself. Stay away from those that trigger negative thoughts in your mind.

Please remember one thing in all of this


There are many help tools available... your parents, grand parents, friends, aunties, uncles, good friends, teachers, google advise, and helplines you can call.

You can even message me to talk to or help for advise – I will always listen and help where I can.


Youthline 0800 376 633



That brings us to the end of another month! You may have noticed a new layout to the cover of this issue - I have been throwing ideas around in my head about changing names, as I did not really know how to incorporate the forever young logo in the title - so I came up with this cover and I quite like it because its different! So I will stick with Forever Young! 

If you have any feedback or have something you would like me to share please feel free to contact me

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all enjoy!

Stacey x

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Teen Blogazine for September is here!

This month we have a gorgeous feature teen by the name of Katie...

Thank you Katie for being the feature teen for September! It was so lovely photographing you, I hope you enjoyed it!

Katie is a very inspirational young lady, and has over come so many challenges in her life.

Katie has Bronchiectasis... but she does not let this stop her from living her life and making the most of it!

Bronchiectasis is a non-reversable, lifelong, chronic lung disease. It is caused by damage and scarring in the lungs. The airways become widened and mucus is easily trapped in pockets within the airways which allows bacteria and viruses to grow quickly and cause new or long-lasting (chronic) infection. These infections cause damage and more scarring to the airways and lungs. 

Here is our little interview...

[Me] What's your favourite colour?

[Katie] Black

[Me] What is one of your biggest challenges you have over come to date?

[Katie] Balancing my medical issues with everyday life. My medical issues mean that I miss a lot of school and it is hard to maintain my education, hobbies, and social life. I get very tired, and sick a lot, which means I am not always able to participate like others do.

[Me] What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

[Katie] Horse riding, swimming, surfing, going to the beach, hanging out with friends.

[Me] Who inspires you and why?

[Katie] My friend Charlotte. She is nice to everybody, she is intelligent, she is a hard worker, she is good at horse riding, and we have the same interests.

[Me] This month we have some advice on making pocket money!How do you make a little pocket money for yourself?

[Katie] I help Mum with chores around the house such as emptying the dishwasher, getting the washing off the washing line, and steam mopping the tiled floors.

[Me] What is your most prized posession?

[Katie] My Chrome Book

[Me] Who is the most famous person you have met?

[Katie] Myself lol (I have been on 7 Sharp, Native Affairs, on the radio, in lots of magazines, and on posters in every Countdown supermarket in NZ). I met the Captain of the Lions rugby team, and two of the players, when I was in hospital in June this year.

[Me] If you wrote a book, what would the title be?

[Katie] Ten Steps to becoming an Idiot

[Me] If you had one super power – what would it be and why?

[Katie] Flight so I can fly to any place I want to go to.

[Me] What makes you happy?

[Katie] Spending time with animals or being at the beach with friends.




If you would like to book a teen photoshoot please contact me



Finding a connection with another person allows us to feel valued and gives us a sense of belonging. Forming the right friendships can boost our confidence and improve our self-esteem.

When I think back to my teen days I know the struggle of making friends only too well!

At primary school everyone was friends with everyone, no one really cared what you looked like, or what you were into, you just played with whoever sat next to you at the time...

Next, intermediate and you all went your separate ways in different classes, maybe schools... and suddenly it was not that easy anymore. Then high school was just the same but on a bigger scale!

I wish that back then I was a little braver, I wish back then I just said "hi" a little more often... Easier to say now, than it was to do back then.

AND to top that, with todays word of online life it adds even more complication to the friendship game [we will cover this topic another time].

For now lets focus on the real life talking face to face friendships.

As you become more independent, you will form many friendships along the way... some will stay for a long time, even forever, some will come and go... the good thing is there are a few skills that you can learn to help you out a little!

Self Love

Make friends with yourself first... love you... be brave to express who you are and stay true to yourself.


Think about what qualities you have that would make you a good friend... What is important to you and how do you let people know that about you? Knowing who you are and what is important to you will help you attract the right friends.

Get Talking

Learn small talk — light easy conversations... look around you, is there something that you could use to strike up a conversation? Choose simple topics... school... sports... music... games...

Keep it light, positive and interactive...


Listening is one of the most important skills you need when making friendships. Try to really listen more then you speak.

You win some you loose some

Remember that not every person you come across will be your best friend. There are some friends that you just chat with in class and there are some friends that you share your secrets with... when you first make friends try not to share too much of yourself too soon, wait untill you find someone that truly understands your values.

Best friends can disagree

Always remember “there is no right or wrong, only perception”.

Even the best of friends might have a little fight every now and then, it is a normal part of any relationship but not every disagreement is the end of a friendship. Sometimes in the heat of an argument with a friend it is good to take a step back, breathe and think for a few seconds... you may end up seeing the argument from their perspective and why they may be upset? And there are also times when the best thing is to agree to disagree, and move on from the topic.

Most of all remember to have fun and be yourself and genuine friends will come your way...



We all would like a little extra pocket money, and Mum and Dad don't want to be dishing out the $$ left right and center! So why not take matters into your own hands and get out there and earn a little extra $... there are lots of fun ways to do it! A little self-motivation and perseverance is all you need!

Here are 5 ideas to help get you started!

1 - Garage sale!

How about get a few friends together that want to do the same, have a clean out of your stuff [mum will like this idea!] Make a pile of what you no longer need or want – get Mum or Dad to go through it to make sure you are not getting rid of something for a quick buck that they know you will want a few weeks down the track – or that you could hand down to your little brother or sister!

Set a date and a location [your garage!] Post some signs out a few days before and away you go!

2 – Home helper

We all know that life is pretty crazy for most – Life is busy... Im sure I speak for most when I say it would be nice to have a home helper sometimes! Someone to bring the washing in and fold it, wash the car, vacuum the house... etc and someone who does it without complaining [aka NOT my own kids!]

How about write a list of chores you are willing and able to do with a $ amount next to it , either for each chore or an hourly rate – write out a few copies and distribute them around your friendly neighbours and your parents friends, you never know you could get some regular work from it!

3 – Umpire/Ref

Do you know how to umpire netball or ref a rugby game? I used to coach a junior netball team and one thing that we could have done with was a good regular umpire – we had a parent umpire our games, which was great, but they want to watch their kids play the game, not have to umpire – so put it out there!

Coming up to a sports season, approach the club or school and let them know you can ref or umpire... sort out a rate [maybe $10 a game?] And see what you get back. You could offer your “first game free” so they get a trial run – if they think you do a great job then thats a great winter job! And if you enjoy it, well that is even better!

4 – Tutor

What are you good at that you could help someone else out with? Maths? Writing? Sometimes if kids need a little extra help with a subject and parents are busy then they could be happy to hire a tutor! Again you could write our a list with your rates and ask some local primary schools to advertise for you? You could offer the first lesson free to see if your services will suit their needs.

5 – DIY

There are loads of simple DIY things that you can make and sell! Set up a little stall at the markets, or on the side of your street, or if you have your own Facebook profile you could make up a page to sell your stuff. Think of a point to call – eg: if mothers day is coming up – find something DIY that could be an awesome gift for mums, or a few DIY projects leading up to Christmas?

With whatever you decide to do to earn a little extra $ - run your idea past your parents to see what they think first!
Good luck ;-)




Getting to know Jessie  Rose...

I caught up with Jessie-Rose in her new shop she is setting up in Kamo! I love what she is doing in there and her most recent project she is working on! 

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Creative, Ambitious, Individual

Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Whangarei.

What kind of Art do you create?

I create paintings in the form of portraits, paintings that tell stories, a lot of it I guess is probably quite dark edgy stuff.
Also I have a clothing Label Jessie Rose with accessories etc and I hand paint caskets for leading funeral homes in Auckland and the North, which is a very fulfilling and amazing way to use my gift also.

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Yup always. Since I was a kid.

How did you start out?

I started out with an inbuilt desire to draw, paint, and create, to make something beautiful from nothing. Its been with me since as long as I can remember.
I first started drawing and painting as a kid, sold my first piece at around 10. Went on to have a near sell out exhibition when I was 18. Since then I have had many exhibitions and gone on to do many other things with my gift.

What inspires you?

Right now top of my list is inspiring children/teens. To open their eyes to what I wish I was taught at their age. To develop their creative thinking and confidence to be themselves, to be individuals and through art to start seeing the world through different perspectives. To let them see and believe that if they dream big anything is possible.

What do you love about life? 

I love life being a mum… my daughter is 16. While it's very challenging it's also the best and most rewarding thing I have done. Also I love living life with people I love around me, having fun and being me. I love creating, I love the endless possibilities in life. I love working with Kids opening them up to a new way of looking at life through art, also I love using my talent to help and comfort others with my hand painted caskets... I love that we are all so different, that we all have various strengths and its up to us to embrace them and succeed in life.

Why is your art important to you?

My art is mostly important to me through the privileged roles I have acquired as an artist, roles that touch and comfort people, and inspire others. That is more than I could Ever hope for as an artist! It's a huge honour, and one I don't take lightly or for granted.

How do you hope that you will inspire people?

Coincidentally through my art classes… named 'inspire,' my mission is to do exactly that-inspire. Inspire children to open their eyes, to learn through art how to be themselves, and so far I'm seeing amazing results.
Also people who have seen my journey, witnessed my struggles and hard times - by not giving up and by being myself even when people disapprove, and by putting my all into succeeding as an artist… I feel that can inspire others to realise they in fact can when they may feel they can't.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I see my 'Inspire' art school growing and developing hugely. I will continue to touch and inspire as many lives as I physically can. I see endless possibilities to influence and guide teens/children who love art, children with difficulties etc.
I am also passionate about giving back and next year I want to begin instilling that in the kids I teach. I believe it's important for today's children to learn to look outside of themselves and become more aware of children less fortunate, kids in our own back yard who are living in poverty. I think it's an awesome thing to encourage children in and we will be using their art as a way to help raise money for such causes. I see that as an ongoing part of Inspire, and only see that growing and growing over time.
I also see my art/caskets being recognisable across oceans, and my clothing brands and accessories made available nationwide and afar... to name a few ;)

What is one piece of advise you would give to your teen self?

Grow and learn to just be you! Open your eyes… and use art to help you on that journey to express yourself, it's ok to be different. 

Thank you Jessie Rose! 

If you would like to know more about Jessie  Rose and her Inspire classes feel free to send her a message.





Thank you for reading this month's Teen Blogazine!

I would love to hear from you... feel free to leave me a message to say hi, or if you have any questions or topics you would like me to chat about please feel free to send me a message.

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