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[me] How did you enjoy your photoshoot? [Emily] I loved it, it was fun doing it with my cousin and seeing the different techniques you used. [me] What do you love to do in your spare time? [Emily] Aerobics, Trampolining, and coaching kids. [me] What makes you laugh? [Emily] Little kids and my friends, oh and my maniac cat. [me] Do you believe in soul mates? [Emily] Yes I do, I have a soul mate, my best friend Danielle. [me] What motivates you? [Emily] Participating and coaching sport [me] Do you have a role model? [Emily] Yes my big brother Jack [me] What qualities do you admire in To View More >>

6TEEN So I had this idea in my head, I wanted to showcase six 16 year old young ladies [or around 16] Pamper them... Photograph them... Interview them...  To showcase the everyday modern teen and how beautiful they are, how down to earth they are, how real they are. I had been reading a lot of negative comments around teenagers latey and getting really sick of it. I have 2 new teenagers of my own now, just turned 13 and all I was hearing is "on no, poor you" and I thought that was really sad. I know it is not all a bed of roses, I know there are ups and downs, but these Teenagers in To View More >>

Thank you to those that took the time to nominate a tween or teen for my "Mega Teen Comp" I had such an awesome line up of prizes from small businesses all over NZ.  A big congrats to Jordyn Hay who was nominated by her mum, Jordyn was pretty happy with her prize! and I really look forward to her photoshoot next year! Here is preview of the amazing prize pack that Jordyn won! A Forever Young Teen Portrait session with me for Jordyn AND her friend!  PLUS I will gift them an individual portrait each and a portrait together for each of them. Claire Colhurst Make Up To View More >>

Meet Olivia... Our feature photoshoot this month. I was in Kaitaia recently for an extended school holidays so I thought what a great opportunity to find a beautiful young lady there to photograph! Olivia is kind, beautiful and down to earth - it was lovely to be around you Olivia and take your photos. Here is our little, fun interview... [Me] What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? [Olivia] In 5 Years I would like to find myself in the New Zealand Royal Navy, or studying at the School of Tourism in hope to find an amazing career that will send me all over the world! [Me] To View More >>

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Teen Blogazine for September is here! This month we have a gorgeous feature teen by the name of Katie... Thank you Katie for being the feature teen for September! It was so lovely photographing you, I hope you enjoyed it! Katie is a very inspirational young lady, and has over come so many challenges in her life. Katie has Bronchiectasis... but she does not let this stop her from living her life and making the most of it! Bronchiectasis is a non-reversable, lifelong, chronic lung disease. It is caused by damage and scarring in the lungs. The airways become widened and mucus is easily To View More >>